Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Place of Doubt is Where We Are

Time's passing REEALLY fast lately...
Tons of stuff coming up,there's always the danger of over-flowing,but there's the also the usual option of the sunbathin' laziness.
And,yeah,i missed Cult of Luna...SHAME.I'm told their show was one of the best...
Also i have those motherf@*# -ing deadlines coming up, scattering my plans in the air and sucking all my precious time.It looks like SHIT written down,imagine living it!
So that's how's life been treating me recently...
I also experience the fine arrangements of trying to get a driving license.Go there,get those papers,come back,climb the stairs,get to the other side of the city,get some medical documentation...By the time you finish you 're so desperate, you 'll never want to get close to a social service for like,FOREVER!
But it would be such a shame to forget all the good stuff...
Poker became once again an addiction-i know it's the new trend,but I just couln't help it...Besides there's always a good amount of money floating so...
There's another good event concerning the elegant art of comics happening in the next few days,check it here:http://www. comicart. gr/13fest/
And along with it the new Manifesto by Ilias Kyriazis.Yes, i know that you know,you 've surely read about the adventures of Viktoras and his angsts!!
PLUS!The new Architects record,Early Grave,proved to have some of the most KICKASS songs i 've heard in a while.What,it hasn't been released yet?AHAHAHA,Jeez,i LUURVE the internets.
This guy,http://www.weburnthroughthenight.blogspo,Scott Kelly,is a mastermind and the creative force behind Neurosis.He has a new band check it in his blog.
SHORA!Heard of these guys???Unique,face-melting band from Switzerland,are coming in Greece for a SINGLE show!!How WAY more than awesome is that?!?!?[the poster was not so "awesome" though.purple and white,yeah,my elephant pet could manage something better]
Anyways,check them

As usual,closing things up with a compilation of my newest YouTube discoveries[i wish i could use this kind of a close-up during my school days...]

obama be aware

seek guidance

metallica inspiration

classic ad-song

neo training

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vrohidis said...

koutsouko eisai trelh mourh. to blog sou einai trelo kai h epilogh twn videos paranoika gamath. Keep up the good work and god bless ya.