Friday, January 9, 2009

Break anyone?

we need double o-7

gimme some sugaaaaah

Been playing with Fruity Loops lately.I think some happy-hardcore/rave/heavy-techno shit will be the result of this 00's-style masturbation.
Also trying,puuuring my soul out,squeezing on the edges-betcha ya can hear that-i m learning old good rock stuff on the acoustic.
Haeel Jimmy Page.
And reading some new comic books from Vassilis Lolos.Pirates of Coney Island was good, 5 was a BLAST,really KICKASS!!

Oh,don't forget!Listen to B3f0r3 tH3 D3viL kn0w$ U w3R3 D3aD.
They rawwwwk $_$ chin chin

[shit man,these 15-year olds]

2009 new stuff kicking in:

New Mastodon record
New Isis record Isis
Simply can't wait for those two!

-And the new Watchmen film.

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