Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still have dreams left?

Today it rained.It was like the first rain of my life.

Today I took a picture.It was a relief using nature to express myself.

Today I saw a dog running through the purring rain and moving cars.It was scared to death,the poor creature.We had the same red eyes.

Today I wrote random abstract thoughts.I still need guidance.

Today I witnessed a fight.It was rather moving, protecting your rights to differ.I wished I had taken part in it,the glass window protected me though.

Today I postponed my daily assignments.It was a rather heartbreaking moment,breaking the routine of past years.

Today I saw two guys with whom i share the same interests.I felt sorry for them,and got somewhat confused about myself.

Today I helped an old lady on the bus.I felt worried and scared,imagining myself old.Lucky there's still time.

Today I drove the car.I came close to running over someone,can't say I would regret it.

Today I lied.It's not the usual me,but I was overcome by society.

Today I felt jealous.I had my reasons.

Today a fellow acted in a way,I can't even relate to.Never had the guts to do it,never had the intention.Couldn't break him though.

Today I though I would choke from coughing.Knowing what caused it,I' m still unable to cut it out.

Today I solved a riddle.Is immeasurable power,still in the form of power?Or it is something else?

Today I was intimidated by religion.Google it.

Today I had thoughts of using someone.In a not-so-nice way.Sort of.