Friday, January 30, 2009

Myspace calls it a day.

Those fucking wankers organising Myspace,what the HELL are they thinkin???
I mean,i post a link of my blog on my page,and those bloody morons,they call it "spam,virus,insecure location etc.".

And i mean,fuck that,it should make me fuckin PROUD,them considering blogs as a "threat" to their protection and safety.

You know,Internet rebels and anti-comformists.
All those big ass companies, with their flashing redirecting links.

But the thing is people,this blog is NOT spam,in fact NO SPAM AT ALL,it doesn't contain any infected files,in fact it doesn't contain ANY download-able files at all!!
So in order to not be redirected to the cock-suckin 404 site Myspace has, i changed the link and now it's not clickable anymore,but you can always copy+paste it on your browsers search line.

Come on folks,it's Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, you can make WONDERS with that.

Fuck YOU Mr.
TOM ANDERSON-or whatever your stupid name is!

If you have time and you give a shit,check the blog: asdasdasdasd

It's pretty decent-i think.
[The link doesn't work here too goddamn]

If anyone knows the reason behind this,if you could please inform me.

Thank you very much.

Tom take a look at my raised finger.
And be damn SURE,it's NOT my thumb!

[Originally posted as a Myspace Bulletin

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

People of the Artificial Sun

This is something AWESOME i found in another blog.
Here, check it : We are all gonna die-100 meters of existence .

"This image is 100 meters long. There are 178 people in the picture,all shot in the course of 20 days from the same spot on a railroad bridge on Warschauen Strasse in Berlin in the summer of 2007. Only few of the people on the photograph seemed to know that i was taking their picture."
Simon Hoegsberg

Just admiring this great,great photograph i couldn't help,but relate to MY life and what i'm accustomed to lately,which is taking public transport and mostly the subway to get to the Uni everyday.And what i used to do was,in fact, studying other people's expressions, making up crazy stories about them...But now after 6 months of studies,taking the train and the bus has grown onto me and as a matter of fact,i can hardly recall most parts of my "trips", just because they 've been tunred into a part of my everyday routine.
But looking at this picture it all came back to me,you know?And before i could even realise, i began to make stories about those guys all over again from the start!
What a great inspiration would that be,huh? How the ordinary can become EXTRAordinary, just by viewing from someone else's angle!
Seriously those things, and this kind of unconventional art should NOT just stay lying on the internet it should be published so that anyone can get their hands on it.
And i mean their actual HANDS, with fingers, nails and all. The Internet does best to promote those stuff and get people to know them.
Oh, how much i LOVE the 21st Century!!!
[yeah,it's still awesome,whatever you might say]

A friend told me yesterday something about a guy who stands against environmental protection, declaring that the whole aspect of "save the environment, because thats' good for mankind" is kinda fascist.
Well he forget's something. Isn't harming the environment-which doesn't belong to anyone as far as i know- JUST as fascist-always in his point of view??
And it's even more than that. It's also being ungrateful to what has helped mankind survive, and it only feeds the human arrogance and pride that "man was born to rule the planet".
Well, who 's the fascist NOW?
All those guys supporting such beliefs, the only thing i can do, is make SURE they stay out of harms way.

I don't wanna fuzz 'bout the environment and all-i'm not some "save the environment"-freak or something, i just hate seeing people expressing such beliefs in times like these... And what i fear is that they might gather a flock of people 'round them,supporting them.

And those stuff about man being "ruler of the planet", only religion spreads out such rumors.
Just imagine an average bear.
Huge, claws,teeth, nails,savage as hell, ferocious, unstoppable.
Now think of a man.
No chance...

Just for the record, while admiring "We are all gonna die-100 meters of existence" i was listening to the new self-titled God is an Astronaut record. Can't think of a better soundtrack for this picture...Full filing with emotions.GREAT!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Place of Doubt is Where We Are

Time's passing REEALLY fast lately...
Tons of stuff coming up,there's always the danger of over-flowing,but there's the also the usual option of the sunbathin' laziness.
And,yeah,i missed Cult of Luna...SHAME.I'm told their show was one of the best...
Also i have those motherf@*# -ing deadlines coming up, scattering my plans in the air and sucking all my precious time.It looks like SHIT written down,imagine living it!
So that's how's life been treating me recently...
I also experience the fine arrangements of trying to get a driving license.Go there,get those papers,come back,climb the stairs,get to the other side of the city,get some medical documentation...By the time you finish you 're so desperate, you 'll never want to get close to a social service for like,FOREVER!
But it would be such a shame to forget all the good stuff...
Poker became once again an addiction-i know it's the new trend,but I just couln't help it...Besides there's always a good amount of money floating so...
There's another good event concerning the elegant art of comics happening in the next few days,check it here:http://www. comicart. gr/13fest/
And along with it the new Manifesto by Ilias Kyriazis.Yes, i know that you know,you 've surely read about the adventures of Viktoras and his angsts!!
PLUS!The new Architects record,Early Grave,proved to have some of the most KICKASS songs i 've heard in a while.What,it hasn't been released yet?AHAHAHA,Jeez,i LUURVE the internets.
This guy,http://www.weburnthroughthenight.blogspo,Scott Kelly,is a mastermind and the creative force behind Neurosis.He has a new band check it in his blog.
SHORA!Heard of these guys???Unique,face-melting band from Switzerland,are coming in Greece for a SINGLE show!!How WAY more than awesome is that?!?!?[the poster was not so "awesome" though.purple and white,yeah,my elephant pet could manage something better]
Anyways,check them

As usual,closing things up with a compilation of my newest YouTube discoveries[i wish i could use this kind of a close-up during my school days...]

obama be aware

seek guidance

metallica inspiration

classic ad-song

neo training

Monday, January 12, 2009

Over the Lake

Those guys over the lake must probably be Uber-dumb.
They have all those crazy bands,Neurosis,Mastodon,Baroness,Torche,playing all together in one show and they don't ask for money....
If such a thing was happening in Greece....
Oh well,they would ask you to sell them your house and your car just to get a place in the back rows...
And not only that,they would surely organize the whole event WAY out of town,where you can only reach by car,and hey,don't forget to meet the traffic on your way there!
I can't help but to mention that such behavior is expected nearly by ALL Greek promotion companies,yes even those who bring the hottest post rock names.When they charge for a band like God is an Astronaut 30 euros,while they 're playing at An Club,then next week they ask for 30 more to see Anathema,a band in a-not-so-good-shape-lately and then two months later they bring Cult of Luna with another 30 euros priced ticket,then what about Mogwai??
I hope they charge less than Metallica...[Thank God,all those bands and labels support the indie and DIY scene.Some even advertise themselves as if they 're of a DIY fashion.Yeah, come again?]
Okay,I understand that you,as a label, have to make profit.Arrange things so that I can see a kickass line-up,for example Cult of Luna,Maybeshewill and 65daysofstatic and then you can demand a high price!
But now,the way things are and seem to continue to be in the future,we,music lovers living in Greece, will have to pay 30 euros every month to see a single band.
Well i don't think single-band-shows are so expensive in Europe or in the States.I also don't think that such shows continue to happen...
And this one is for free[i'm saying it over and over again]

And yeah,you promoters of the Greek underground scene.You ask of native,mostly young bands to support live shows,they accept[of course],they give all they can on stage and then you pay them back with a single "Thank you for your cooperation,we'll think about calling you again next time."
Well that's no support if you ask me,and consider yourselves lucky those bands don't ask for a money-rate for the tickets sold-which don't forget,have also their names printed on...
Okay,i might have been kinda harsh on this one,i still support the Greek scene and the bands trying to make a name for themselves,but i just couldn't stand the fact i wasn't able to check some shows due to financial and technical difficulties.
Closing up,this is from the ISIS show in Athens a while ago.[Event&Video Organised by Venerate Industries]

Friday, January 9, 2009

Break anyone?

we need double o-7

gimme some sugaaaaah

Been playing with Fruity Loops lately.I think some happy-hardcore/rave/heavy-techno shit will be the result of this 00's-style masturbation.
Also trying,puuuring my soul out,squeezing on the edges-betcha ya can hear that-i m learning old good rock stuff on the acoustic.
Haeel Jimmy Page.
And reading some new comic books from Vassilis Lolos.Pirates of Coney Island was good, 5 was a BLAST,really KICKASS!!

Oh,don't forget!Listen to B3f0r3 tH3 D3viL kn0w$ U w3R3 D3aD.
They rawwwwk $_$ chin chin

[shit man,these 15-year olds]

2009 new stuff kicking in:

New Mastodon record
New Isis record Isis
Simply can't wait for those two!

-And the new Watchmen film.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


[Already posted somewhere else,felt like posting that one too.]

2008 ’s fading.Shit,hope i ’ll make it!

In the year of 2000 and 8 the usual suspect managed several things which are pretty summed up in this blog-ish kind of composition.

[oh,sometimes I get so tired of this 3rd-person thing,but otherwise i like it, it makes me look GOOD]

First things,first.
LOADS of thanks to my family and friends,i wouldn't have made it without you.

Now,this was my last school year and i had a pretty sweet time there.All those funny things happening inside the school area,which now are things of the past and memories,i ll probably miss them.[hopefully not very soon though...]

Also,the age of innocence is finished.Done.In the past.Fin.What more can I say, i feel overwhelmed by this sudden rush of responsibilities.
But hey,i wore the costume after all.

This is where i feel like mentioning the friends,pals,brothers whatever,the people helping me through.The friendship-circle has surely changed in the past year,with people jumping in and out of it.There are those who simply cant even be called "friends" anymore,the bloody bastards[but hey,that's their problem,isn't it?] and on the other hand there are those who burst into my life and i m so PROUD to refer to them as "friends".
With some of really close friends,there has been a wide range of emotions.Both good and bad.
The over-the-lake and through-the-internet relationship can't help being mentioned.Its been a pretty new experience and actually helped this 2008 review.Hope i ll never use skype and stick to the old and traditional way of communication.Emails.

YEAH,YEAH!I don't forget!All of you friends having a hard time with your exams and all,I hope for the BEST!!GIVE EM HELL BOYS AND GIRLS![there surely be a HUUUGE party after wards,so keep your spirits high]

In the year of 2008 some trips filled with adventures,which shook things up a little, were made.
Above all those,Amsterdam.Its the REAL thing.No comments.
There's also Salonika.Where i haven't been yet.Although all the preparations were made I had to abandon the plan[twice].So that's the new deal:in 2009 i have to get to this fuckin' city up in the North.
And Patra.Always a favorite,especially in the summer,where we had some fun...*Missing Memory*

Other Stuff[Dunno if you give a damn,i just had to mention ]
I managed to get into the damn Uni.Things look pretty shitty there though.Hope i ll make it though....
Spent,dunno,like ZILLIONS hours on the internet.Still found no end of this damn thing.Now I can argue on the subject of it being the greatest human invention.
Refreshed and reloaded the arsenal.It cost money,sweat,tears and LOTS of hard work.And i mean LOTS.
Lived alone for a while.Turned out pretty decent.Although i was working to keep things going and it was I that had to do all the laundry and cleaning.GOOD TIMES.
Should NOT forget Patrick Ogunsoto,the famous Ergotelis player.[Σήμερα ίζολ,3 βαθμό πρέπει πάρει Εργκοτέλης.Το ντώζε μας το ένα,το έτσι πενάλτυ το ΟΦΗ,ντεν ήτανε πενάλτυ,το ντώζει πενάλτυ.Τελευταίο λεπτό τιώσει πενάλτυ,εγώ δε δώσμε το ντε...,το ντιεστιστής.Πότς γένεν αυτό;]
Created like a million paper ships.I don't know how it started,but it surely became an addiction.Anything,from exam papers to train tickets has been turned into ships.From now on,and hopefully through 2009 as well,i 've decided to keep those little paper things and dunno,maybe sometime count them or even give them names.Just DO something with those little devils.
Speaking of addictions in 2008 i did like thousands of survey on Myspace.I know it probably was a total waste of time but i surely enjoyed doing some of them.NOW its time for a big announcement.*hem,hem* In 2009 the survey production will be ceased and surveys will be posted ONLY if their worth it-or i just feel like doing them [lots of thanks to those of you who read those,still wonder why you did it though]
Finally grew some quality facial hair,which i m pretty proud of.
I have to admit it,although it's the 2000's,a good book will never lose its' value.All those French and Russian thinkers writing before the beginning of the century are the ones who shaped it.Face it.READ BOOKS.[Literature might be a fancy word,but what it stands for is A LOT fancier.]
Watched some groovy gigs,honored booze and what it stands for,found some places to feel like home when outside,explored the brain from the inside.
Some things tasted good,others were kinda bitter.Surely some broadened the horizon and others brought the world down.

Art also pulled its way though 2008.
A MOTHERLOAD of new things that inspiration was drawn from,classical pieces of art which made my [long at the time] hair to stuck up on end, and of course anime.
Anime.Those damn Japanese fuckers are pretty amazing.They are.Well there was this one,really special anime-series now liying real close to the heart,FLCL.For that i give two thumbs up to Japan.AMAZING![Tokyo rocks too though.And of course Dragonball will always be my Bible.]
I watched some decent movies this year too.I really got into the splatter,horror-comedy thing.Pretty sick .Lately i saw the Guy Ritchie films which were pretty decent.Reminded me a lot of the Tarantino films,which is can't be but a good thing.
Also a SHITLOAD of the so-called "products of ours" was created.Shame some things didn't turn out the way they were supposed to,hope things will reverse in 2009.Anyway,some of those "products of ours" will sometime be displayed to the very delicate audience of the internet,hopefully sometime in 2009.

Now some future plans:
After spending quality time reading blogs and discussing the subject with friends,i finally decided to start my own blog in which thoughts,pictures and other geeky stuff will be posted.
Some new trips and adventures for 2009 include the U.K. and more specifically London and Leeds.Hopefully Kingston as well.Cant forget Thessaloniki as well.And if i m reeeally lucky some of the U.S. around the summer would be SWEEEEEEET.
Really i m so looking forward to the new year but when i think of it,i cant help but to underestimate things.Nothing changes really and i feel great shame in saying those things.Shit will happen and it's mostly us,young people who will have to face it and be left alone staring at the oncoming avalanche...
The driving license would come also pretty handy at the moment.It gives a different perspective to things,the way I look at them.
Maybe do some part time job.Earn some money,fix some broken stuff.Or just have some more beer.
Some dj-sets with friends would be *a*w*e*s*o*m*e*!Tunes we all like and a crowd to entertain,that's something i 'd dig.
Find some new places to hang out.Not saying the old ones aren't good enough,but some change is well needed.
In 2009 i would be reeeaaaally pleased if i could just for once STOP killing humor.I mean like,people should be in jail for it,in JAIL!And i m still out of it...
[Here i go again.Done it again.Killed humor once more.Witnes Death of Humor Pt.56425-Hopefully the last for 2008...]

Okay,that's it, i m done.

I wish you all the BEST,to you,your friends and family!




First blog entry ever,i think it was about time...I 've had some trouble sleeping so i took advantage of it and started this thing going...

So for now it's just entertainment.
Usual[or sometimes,even unusual],traditional,beloved internet entertainment.
Mostly YouTube stuff for now...

There was a time,when man had enough time to experiment.Witness it,back in the 30's,

Pretty stoked?Have some of this,it might cheer you up[or it ll just give you a headache],

Arguably one of the best video-game commercials EVER,with Mastodon rocking out of your speakers,

That's it for the day,peace out.