Monday, April 26, 2010

Trust The Fungus Party, Paraskevi 30/4 Fylis 35 23:00
Bring friends & drinks. Or drinks & friends.
Trust The Fungus

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Catharsis is an anarchist collective bent on the total liberation of ourselves and our world through creative self-expression and self-determination, the annihilation of capitalism, hierarchy, morality, ideology, and human misery in all its other forms, and--above all--the transformation of life into a joyous, carefree game, to be played for the highest of stakes. We release all our music ourselves and distribute it exclusively through a network of friends and colleagues. We organize all our performances ourselves or through friends, working to establish a cooperative network of autonomous individuals rather than relying on and thus reinforcing the chains of corporate control that presently constrict the arts in particular and modern human relations in general. We refuse to compromise with these assembled forces of selfishness, apathy, and violence, and insist that every day of our lives be an adventure unfettered by external controls or internal inhibitions. So can you. We struggle for a day when art will no longer be just another commodity to be exchanged for other sterile consumer goods, when both the means of production and all the products therefor will be shared openly so that everyone will be free to be an artist and live based on the pursuit of desire rather than ever-increasing standards of mere survival. In the meantime, we do what we can to lead lives outside this merciless system of domination and exploitation as we plot its downfall, and hold in revolted disdain all those who apparently believe it is enough just to sell things and go through the motions of traditions long dead and dry (and thus hostile to all living things). Real life involves more than a beating heart and a functioning liver, of course. It is something that must be chosen, chased, created by those who would find it. Yes, we are idealists, hopeless romantics (both hopeless and romantic), but this idealism enables us to act while others are paralyzed by their despair, by "realism" and jaded cynicism. We think we do better to cast our lot with the quixotic madmen, the poets of revolution and absurdity, whatever the odds of success or survival may be. This is a statement of purpose, and all such statements oversimplify, as do declarations and expressions of every kind: but the important thing is to speak, to act, to do something, and let the consequences sort themselves out. So if we live, let's live to tread on kings, to break our bodies and our hearts to keep ahead of death, to dance right through our lives.

1995 – Catharsis (EP)
1997 – Catharsis & Gehenna (Split)
1997 – Samsara
1999 – Catharsis & Newspeak (Split)
1999 – Passion
2001 – Catharsis & Newborn (Split)
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From Now On:
To Kill The Gods & Destroy The World's Lies
Red Bible & Black Manifesto, Worshiping The Goat.
Entertainment System Failure

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tree by Jack Kerouac from Repeat1 on Vimeo.

Tree - Jack Kerouac
But a tree has a long suffering shape
Is spread in half by 2 limbed fate
Rises from gray rain pavements
To traffic in the bleak brown air
Of cities radar television nameless dumb & numb mis connicumb
Throwing twigs the color of ink
To white souled heaven, with
A reality of its own uses

Venetian Snares

The breakbeat master, Venetian Snares.

1999 - Greg Hates Car Culture
2000 - 7 Sevens Med

2000 - Fuck Canada//Fuck America
2000 - Salt
2000 - printf("shiver in eternal darkness/n")
2001 - The Connected Series 2 (w/Cex)
2001 - Defluxion - Boarded Up Swan Entrance
2001 - Doll Doll Doll
2001 - Making Orange Things (w/Speedranch) Mediafire Mirror
2001 - Shitfuckers
2001 - Songs About My Cats
2001 - Untitled Promo
2002 - 2370894
2002 - A Giant Alien Force More Violent & Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine
2002 - Break Malaria Clearance Bin
2002 - Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006
2002 - Winter In The Belly Of A Snake
2003 - Badminton - Edgewood Park
2003 - Chocolate Wheelchair
2003 - Einstein-Rosen Bridge
2003 - Find Candace
2003 - Live From All Tomorrows Parties
2003 - Nymphomatriarch
2003 - Podsjfkj Pojid Poa
2004 - Horse And Goat
2004 - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding
2004 - Infolepsy
2004 - Live At Sickness 01.31.2004
2004 - Moonglow/This Bitter Earth
2004 - Skelechairs (w/Doormouse)
2005 - Meathole
2005 - Mutant Sniper/Invasion From xXx Dimension
2005 - Rossz Csillag Alatt Szueletett
2005 - Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole
2006 - 4 Adaptions Of Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett
2006 - Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms
2006 - Hospitality
2007 - Pink And Green
2008 - Detrimentalist
2009 - Filth
2009 - Horsey Noises

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010


MORTE(S) NEE(S)To be released in 2010 by DENOVALI
Morte(s) Nee(s)-2010
MISANTHROPE(S)Photo by Polstar photography
LP nihiliste(s) recorded in 2007, released in 2008labels Denovali600 units
Nihiliste(s) LP-2008

CELESTE [TEASER] from iamthelens on Vimeo.

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