Monday, January 12, 2009

Over the Lake

Those guys over the lake must probably be Uber-dumb.
They have all those crazy bands,Neurosis,Mastodon,Baroness,Torche,playing all together in one show and they don't ask for money....
If such a thing was happening in Greece....
Oh well,they would ask you to sell them your house and your car just to get a place in the back rows...
And not only that,they would surely organize the whole event WAY out of town,where you can only reach by car,and hey,don't forget to meet the traffic on your way there!
I can't help but to mention that such behavior is expected nearly by ALL Greek promotion companies,yes even those who bring the hottest post rock names.When they charge for a band like God is an Astronaut 30 euros,while they 're playing at An Club,then next week they ask for 30 more to see Anathema,a band in a-not-so-good-shape-lately and then two months later they bring Cult of Luna with another 30 euros priced ticket,then what about Mogwai??
I hope they charge less than Metallica...[Thank God,all those bands and labels support the indie and DIY scene.Some even advertise themselves as if they 're of a DIY fashion.Yeah, come again?]
Okay,I understand that you,as a label, have to make profit.Arrange things so that I can see a kickass line-up,for example Cult of Luna,Maybeshewill and 65daysofstatic and then you can demand a high price!
But now,the way things are and seem to continue to be in the future,we,music lovers living in Greece, will have to pay 30 euros every month to see a single band.
Well i don't think single-band-shows are so expensive in Europe or in the States.I also don't think that such shows continue to happen...
And this one is for free[i'm saying it over and over again]

And yeah,you promoters of the Greek underground scene.You ask of native,mostly young bands to support live shows,they accept[of course],they give all they can on stage and then you pay them back with a single "Thank you for your cooperation,we'll think about calling you again next time."
Well that's no support if you ask me,and consider yourselves lucky those bands don't ask for a money-rate for the tickets sold-which don't forget,have also their names printed on...
Okay,i might have been kinda harsh on this one,i still support the Greek scene and the bands trying to make a name for themselves,but i just couldn't stand the fact i wasn't able to check some shows due to financial and technical difficulties.
Closing up,this is from the ISIS show in Athens a while ago.[Event&Video Organised by Venerate Industries]

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