Friday, January 30, 2009

Myspace calls it a day.

Those fucking wankers organising Myspace,what the HELL are they thinkin???
I mean,i post a link of my blog on my page,and those bloody morons,they call it "spam,virus,insecure location etc.".

And i mean,fuck that,it should make me fuckin PROUD,them considering blogs as a "threat" to their protection and safety.

You know,Internet rebels and anti-comformists.
All those big ass companies, with their flashing redirecting links.

But the thing is people,this blog is NOT spam,in fact NO SPAM AT ALL,it doesn't contain any infected files,in fact it doesn't contain ANY download-able files at all!!
So in order to not be redirected to the cock-suckin 404 site Myspace has, i changed the link and now it's not clickable anymore,but you can always copy+paste it on your browsers search line.

Come on folks,it's Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, you can make WONDERS with that.

Fuck YOU Mr.
TOM ANDERSON-or whatever your stupid name is!

If you have time and you give a shit,check the blog: asdasdasdasd

It's pretty decent-i think.
[The link doesn't work here too goddamn]

If anyone knows the reason behind this,if you could please inform me.

Thank you very much.

Tom take a look at my raised finger.
And be damn SURE,it's NOT my thumb!

[Originally posted as a Myspace Bulletin

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