Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer '09 OST

Quality time at the beach, sleeping in cars, drinking, smoking, Strawhats, having a laugh, insomnia on the Internet, DIY, stoner, dub, reggae, Metal Hammer '00-'02 Issues, long anticipations and high expectations, no shoes, whiners all over, DANGER!HIGH VOLTAGE!, dogs, sunburns, bonfires, bro-code, Local Radio interruptions, Caliente!, Oceans, bikes, human flights, long piano pieces, Guitar-Duos, Shotguns, The U.S. and A, Pirates, Ignorance, Sleepovers, Maps, live shows, Comicbooks, Net-Cafes, The "Flu" Threat, Most brain damaged man, TOOL scalps, Nudists, Dives, FAIL.

To be continued...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Of all the Anime I've seen, FLCL is the most beautiful one.
Of all the things on screen I've seen, FLCL is the most beautiful.