Wednesday, January 28, 2009

People of the Artificial Sun

This is something AWESOME i found in another blog.
Here, check it : We are all gonna die-100 meters of existence .

"This image is 100 meters long. There are 178 people in the picture,all shot in the course of 20 days from the same spot on a railroad bridge on Warschauen Strasse in Berlin in the summer of 2007. Only few of the people on the photograph seemed to know that i was taking their picture."
Simon Hoegsberg

Just admiring this great,great photograph i couldn't help,but relate to MY life and what i'm accustomed to lately,which is taking public transport and mostly the subway to get to the Uni everyday.And what i used to do was,in fact, studying other people's expressions, making up crazy stories about them...But now after 6 months of studies,taking the train and the bus has grown onto me and as a matter of fact,i can hardly recall most parts of my "trips", just because they 've been tunred into a part of my everyday routine.
But looking at this picture it all came back to me,you know?And before i could even realise, i began to make stories about those guys all over again from the start!
What a great inspiration would that be,huh? How the ordinary can become EXTRAordinary, just by viewing from someone else's angle!
Seriously those things, and this kind of unconventional art should NOT just stay lying on the internet it should be published so that anyone can get their hands on it.
And i mean their actual HANDS, with fingers, nails and all. The Internet does best to promote those stuff and get people to know them.
Oh, how much i LOVE the 21st Century!!!
[yeah,it's still awesome,whatever you might say]

A friend told me yesterday something about a guy who stands against environmental protection, declaring that the whole aspect of "save the environment, because thats' good for mankind" is kinda fascist.
Well he forget's something. Isn't harming the environment-which doesn't belong to anyone as far as i know- JUST as fascist-always in his point of view??
And it's even more than that. It's also being ungrateful to what has helped mankind survive, and it only feeds the human arrogance and pride that "man was born to rule the planet".
Well, who 's the fascist NOW?
All those guys supporting such beliefs, the only thing i can do, is make SURE they stay out of harms way.

I don't wanna fuzz 'bout the environment and all-i'm not some "save the environment"-freak or something, i just hate seeing people expressing such beliefs in times like these... And what i fear is that they might gather a flock of people 'round them,supporting them.

And those stuff about man being "ruler of the planet", only religion spreads out such rumors.
Just imagine an average bear.
Huge, claws,teeth, nails,savage as hell, ferocious, unstoppable.
Now think of a man.
No chance...

Just for the record, while admiring "We are all gonna die-100 meters of existence" i was listening to the new self-titled God is an Astronaut record. Can't think of a better soundtrack for this picture...Full filing with emotions.GREAT!

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