Sunday, October 25, 2009

October,November,December Shows[There will be Updates]

First things first, 27 October Fall of Man.No album yet, still a party though.
An Club,21:00,8 euros +Plan B, Short Story, Deckstand, The Scarlets & No Balance.

November 1.Battle of the bands, Allen's Hand compete, go see 'n vote!
An Club,19:30,10 euros Battle of the Bands Show

12 November Buried Inside, Tombs and Sun Of Nothing.
An Club, 21:00, 22 euros

22 November ISIS
Fuzz, 21:30, 25/30 euros

10 December Keelhaul, Extraordinary Rendition.
An Club, 21:30, 15/20 euros

12 December 2nd Postrip Festival. Lucky Funeral, Go Ask Alice, Juliet was a Pornstar, Before the devil knows you are dead, tenderness of wolves.
An Club, 19:30,10 euros

18 December Vodka Juniors Christmas Party.
Gagarin 205,21:30,8 euros

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Ονειροπόλος ταξιδιώτης said...

riot act is a friend band also (manolis is playing bass) on sunday 1 nov in Battle of the bands, george