Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer '09 OST

Quality time at the beach, sleeping in cars, drinking, smoking, Strawhats, having a laugh, insomnia on the Internet, DIY, stoner, dub, reggae, Metal Hammer '00-'02 Issues, long anticipations and high expectations, no shoes, whiners all over, DANGER!HIGH VOLTAGE!, dogs, sunburns, bonfires, bro-code, Local Radio interruptions, Caliente!, Oceans, bikes, human flights, long piano pieces, Guitar-Duos, Shotguns, The U.S. and A, Pirates, Ignorance, Sleepovers, Maps, live shows, Comicbooks, Net-Cafes, The "Flu" Threat, Most brain damaged man, TOOL scalps, Nudists, Dives, FAIL.

To be continued...

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