Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Have you ever listening to music and felt like you just COULDNT understand what the heck was happening???It seemed so multi-layered,making it harder to find head or tail of it.
Well i think the main reason is the vocals.Lets get it straight,i have NOTHING against vocalists and spoken stuff combined with music,in fact i dig them most of the time.
Lately i found some of my favorite albums in their instrumental versions.That means,no vocals,just music from the instruments.
And they rock,SO HARD,im thinking about trashing the original ones.I mean,you clearly understand what each instrument is doing,how some parts are repeated,you might even notice some effects and sampling that has been used in the songs.
A unique experience.


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intronaut said...

T R O M E R O ! einai to next big shit !